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Very excited to announce our weekend workshop dates for this year, some brand new ones and some old favourites, see link below for more information:

Weekend Workshops 2017 - click here


Autumn the time of year where the hills, forests and coast line are alive with the sound of bellowing.

The red deer rock back there fine antlers and roar at the world. The grey seals bellow with anguish, the sound traveling out over the crashing waves.

But why all this noise?

grey seal

Last month we saw some incredible behaviour some of which I managed to capture on my reccy days before our wonderful weekend workshops.

The Seals roar for many different reasons. These wonderfully cute pups are usually part of that reason


grey seal pup
The females fend of the males as they can attack the pups.

I have never seen this behaviour before and this time the Bull was maybe just playing around or the pup managed to wiggle out of the way before the bull go too aggressive. Mum was asleep on the other side of the boulder and did not see any of it happen. Whatever the reason the Pup survived.
grey seal bull attacking pup

But when they do notice a Bull get too close all hell breaks loose.


This fighting can also happen when the male gets too amorous. As not only are the females having to give birth and rear young, it is also when the males will mate with them. A tough life all round!

grey seals fighting
Sometimes the pups roar too usually for food or in delight, like here when the female was scratching it too try and get it too feed. grey seal
Red Deer roar for many reasons, the main ones being to fend of rivals for a harem. red deer roaring
They also roar to attract females to them. I witnessed many times this year a female wondering away and the male bellowing at it to get it back. red deer

The females also roar to attract their young's attention or to issue a warning to the herd, it sounds a bit more like a bark but is still pretty impressive. Especially when standing mere meters away.

The countryside is now going quiet again, seals will be pupping to December but the deer are finishing their rut. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to see all the action this year and also I get to share it with some wonderful and hardy people.

All our dates for 2017 are now online including red deer and grey seal, which are for my money one of the finest wildlife spectacles anywhere in the world.

red deer female roaring

We had some incredible experiences out in all this amazing autumnal noise. Full guest galleries will be published by next news letter, apologies for the delay.

Guest Galleries are online click here

grey seal feeding pup

shops and Vouchers

New dates and new workshops announced for the 2017 season.

Highlights include a brand new sunset Puffin trip to capture these amazing animals in the most beautiful light found anywhere in the world.

Weekend Photography Workshops

Vouchers are now available for Christmas for all our fantastic workshops

puffin sunset photography workshops

New Partnership for Virtual
Reality 360 Natural History and Wildlife Filming

A month of partnerships with new Virtual Reality Headsets about to hit the market Loch Visions is about to launch a new company in partnership with Steadipix productions to make innovative 360 films.

Will announce more soon

Right above: A behind the scenes look at our VR film The Hunt - Many thanks to Michael for his film

Right below: A poster promoting the film (this was a still taken from the film).

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360 degree virtual reality film
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Guest galleries from previous Loch Visions Wildlife Workshops

If you wish to see what might be possible on a Loch Visions wildlife photography workshop please have a look at our guest galleries

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